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You may be surprised that hydroponics can grow such powerfully flavourful greens; sweet and sometimes spicy, our vegetables are also supported by their thick & crunchy stems.


Pesticide-free, Safe & Clean Vegetables

Our vegetables are grown with fertilisers derived from marine products such as algae and small fish so to achieve minerals cycle; they are both people- and environment-friendly.

Supporting healthier lifestyle

Supporting Healthier Lifestyle with Variation

Our rich product range lets you enjoy salad every day without much effort to be creative. Our sweet greens are also perfect match for smoothies!


Multiple cultivation shelves enable flexible high-mix low-volume production throughout the year.
From over 20 varieties of green leafy vegetables and herbs that we can produce,
the followings are our customers’ favourite.


Komatsuna / Japanese Mustard Spinach


Much less bitter than its counterparts, our Japanese Mustard Spinach is ideal for eating raw. Rich in nutrition such as calcium and vitamins, they make a great meal as a form of salad or smoothie. They are also delicious boiled or stir-fried.


Mizuna / Japanese Mustard


Easy to use in various dishes from salad to soup and nabe (Japanese hot pots), mizuna originated from Kyoto, the old Japanese capital. The slim and delicate green leaves with crunchy stems are often used as decoration for any dish.

Leaf Lettuce

Leaf Lettuce


Loose leafy lettuce is one of the green leafy vegetables that are most widely used for any salad. Its soft and mildly bitter leaf is ideal for wrapping grilled meat.




Coriander or cilantro is indispensible herb for many of the Asian or Latin American dishes today. Using them in abundance is such a big trend in Japan that you can now find coriander specialty restaurants there!

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce


Romaine lettuce can not be introduced without their signatory dish, Caesar salad. The crunchy yet sweet leaves are best matched with the rich dressing and toasted croutons, upgrading the salad into a main dish.

Rainbow Swiss Chard

Rainbow Swiss Chard


Being in the same subspecies as beetroot, Rainbow Swiss Chards are chefs’ favourite for their colourful stems and mild sweetness. They taste great cooked or raw, and go well with eggs.

Salad Rocket

Salad Rocket /(Arugula / Rucola)


Salad rocket or arugula is a key ingredient for any Italian dish: from simple salad or appetiser to pizza or pasta. Their peppery flavour combined with sweetness of tomatoes, fruits or mildness of cheese is irresistible!

Our Favourite Recipes

As our vegetables are much less bitter than their counterparts and full of sweet and
sometimes spicy flavour, we hope you enjoy them raw.
Today, the health benefits of raw eating are frequently discussed,
and here are some enjoyable dishes for everyone.

Continental-style Mixed Green Leaf Salad with a Poached Egg

Continental-style Mixed Green Leaf Salad with a Poached Egg

Morning Smoothies Refreshing & Mild Sweet

Morning Smoothies
[Refreshing & Mild Sweet]

Green Bakes White Chocolate Ecstasy & Tomato & Cheese Savoury

Green Bakes
[White Chocolate Ecstasy & Tomato & Cheese Savoury]

Fig & Rocket Salad

Fig & Rocket Salad

Enjoy the inspiring combination of seasonal fresh fig and peppery rocket, dressed with white wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Adding goat cheese as a topping makes the salad a beautiful appetiser.

Banana Smoothie with Japanese Mustard Spinach

Banana Smoothie with
Japanese Mustard Spinach

As our Japanese Mustard Spinach (a.k.a. Komatsuna) is relatively mild yet retain much nutrition, it is a perfect addition to any fruit smoothie. A squeeze of lemon freshens up the drink!

Fresh Spring Roll with Mizuna and Shredded Chicken Breast

Fresh Spring Roll with Mizuna
and Shredded Chicken Breast

The crunchy Mizuna refreshes chicken breast marinated with thick peanut sauce. Wrapped in a rice paper, the roll makes a perfect healthy snack.

Grilled Meat Wrapped in a Green Leafy Lettuce

Grilled Meat Wrapped in a Green Leafy Lettuce

Big and soft Green Leafy Lettuce leaves are perfect wrap for any meat. As their flavour is not too distinctive, the meat can be seasoned with any spices or sauces, from Korean to Mexican.

Rainbow Swiss Chard and Walnut Salad

Rainbow Swiss Chard and Walnut Salad

A great choice when having guests over to your house, this simple dish is finished with any simple vinegrette. Adding a spoonful of honey and soft cheese of your choice makes the dish even more appealing.

Italian Salad of Tomatoes, Rocket and Mozzarella

Italian Salad of Tomatoes, Rocket and Mozzarella

The typical Italian salad is popular worldwide. Good olive oil and salt brings the dish to the next level. Try the same combination for pizza for a change!

Tofu Salad with Mizuna

Tofu Salad with Mizuna

Mizuna goes well with protein such as tofu and pork. Seasoned with soy sauce based dressing, the salad is a popular choice at Japanese restaurants. Enjoy further variation with nuts, fried bacons, and sesame seeds as a topping.

The Green House

Our green house and its system is designed based on close observation of the natural environment;
how solar energy provision changes across the four seasons, the way water is recycled for continuous flow,
and even by learning science behind the old Japanese belief that thunders bring about good harvest.
Rather than recreating the whole system in a completely closed environment, we choose to leverage
the natural resources around us by coupling with appropriate technology for optimum production.

The Green House

Our 2nd green house is now under construction and
expected to start its production from January 2016.
・Location: Ichihara-city, Chiba-Prefecture, Japan
・Total Site Area: 4,480m²
・Green House Area: 2,293m²
・Expected Production: 2,300 bunches/day
Our facility is based on Pure-Na System, technology developed in Japan.

Multiple cultivation shelves for efficient production

1.Multiple cultivation shelves for efficient production

Multiple layers are not only introduced to increase the production capacity but also designed so that the vegetables receive maximum amount of solar energy without sacrificing good ventilation.

Application of light diffusion sheet film for the ceiling

2.Application of light diffusion sheet film for the ceiling

The special sheet collects and taps the solar energy to maximise its potential, while the white flooring reflects the sunlight for further use. The very durable ceiling film lasts longer than 15 years.Cyclical water system for resource efficiency

Cyclical water system for resource efficiency

3.Cyclical water system for resource efficiency

Water resource is constantly purified and recycled within the system. Water flow is also applied vertically along the green house walls so to cool the air; the wind goes in and out of the house and maintains the green house temperature during the hot season.

*We are actively looking for overseas partners to introduce our hydroponics system to new markets.
For further information, please feel to reach us.


In order to ensure that the products reach our overseas customers at their best conditions, we
partner with leading players from logistics and packaging industries for faster and fresher delivery.

*Our delivery partners are members of a wider consortium [Collaboration: Agriculture,
Commerce and Industry] supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan
(September 2015 – March 2016).




about us

Japan Reno Agri Co., Ltd. is a newly established company with a mission to design and implement
a multifunctional agricultural town in Ichihara-City, Chiba-Prefecture, Japan, where it is located.
The company is co-founded by 4 stakeholders; Seikouen (local landscaping / civil engineering
company), Tokyu Land Corporation (real estate company), Recotech (Environmental consulting
firm), and Chiba-Ichihara Nosan (Agriultural farm), each of them bringing various expertise
together for food / agricultural innovation. We are currently working around the following four pillar projects:


  • 1. Hydroponics Vegetables Production
  • 2. Agricultural Land Renovation
  • 3. Green Energy (Solar Farm Operation)
  • 4. The Next-Generation Agriculture Consulting

contact us

We offer our vegetables from for sales at supermarkets to for use at restaurants; vegetables
variety and their volume, means of delivery etc. are open to discussion to tailor around our
customers' needs.Our vegetables receive high reputation from professional chefs at 3 stars
restaurants to buyers from major supermarkets. They are currently distributed for specialty
restaurants as well as high-end supermarkets in the heart of Tokyo(*).
*One of our first supermarket customers is Precce Premium at Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi,
the fashion centre and cultural hotspot.